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Free kick bets are one of the common side bets that often appear in important matches. In various forms of betting, players are very interested in and participate in the odds of free kicks. Due to its easy-to-understand nature and substantial betting amounts, it is suitable for many types of players, including beginners. So what are free kick bets? What are the most effective strategies for analyzing free kick bets? In this article, wintips will help you understand more about this type of bet.

What are free kick bets?

Free kick bets are a type of bet used in football betting. The aim is to predict the number of cards likely to appear in a match. If your bet wins, you will earn a certain amount of money according to the odds.

When playing this type of bet, you will have to predict the number of yellow and red cards the referee will give out. The results of winning or losing, or goals scored in the match, do not affect the outcome of the bet. Different odds will be offered by bookmaker legit. Players just need to choose the type of bet they want and wait for the result. Betting time can be for half a match or the entire match for both teams.

What are free kick bets?

Common types of free kick bets nowadays:

Handicap bet on the number of cards

Handicap bet on the fouls committed by both teams

Handicap bet on the amount of money

Handicap bet on both money and the number of cards or fouls received

Experience playing Free Kick Bets

Although free kick bets are a relatively simple type of bet, players also need to pay attention to some betting tips to increase their chances of winning. Specifically as follows:

Choose matches in free kick bets

Players should prioritize selecting matches and famous teams. Because this will help us easily find relevant information about the match.

Understand the referee of the match

The referee holds all the power throughout the match. Not all referees handle situations the same way. Depending on the strictness or leniency of the referee, the number of cards also varies.

According to statistics, Asian referees tend to give out fewer cards than European referees. This is also an important factor affecting the prediction outcome of the bet. Therefore, you should pay attention to the nationality of the referee to make a more accurate prediction.

Understand the players in the match

Not only understanding the referee, knowing the playing style and psychology of the players is also a very important betting tip. Each player is a different individual with a different playing style. There will be players who play aggressively, frequently attack, or even provoke. These will be the players most likely to receive cards. You can review the number of cards each player has received in the match to have a more accurate assessment of the playing style of the players.

In addition, the importance of the match should also be considered in free kick bets. If it is a match that has a high impact on being eliminated from the tournament, this will directly affect the players' psychology. Therefore, the likelihood of cards appearing in the match is also higher.

Understand the rules of the game

Losing money due to misunderstanding the rules of the game is not uncommon. Therefore, in any type of betting, understanding the rules of the game is always necessary. Master the rules to increase your chances of winning. Not only in free kick bets but also in other football bets and other types of betting.

In this type of bet, players need to understand how to calculate the number of cards in the match. Valid cards are calculated as follows:

A valid card is a card given to penalize players actively participating in the game. Cards given to coaches or substitute players are not counted in the bet.

Points converted from cards are 1 point for a yellow card and 2 points for a red card. There have been many cases of confusion in this calculation, so you need to remember it carefully.

Maintain a strong mentality

When participating in free kick bets, making wrong decisions due to unstable emotions is also common. Decision-making changes due to external influences urging to lead to losing the bet. Therefore, maintaining a strong mentality is also a betting tip in this type of bet. Learn about players, referees, master the rules, and make choices based on your own experience.

Especially, do not follow the crowd or baseless rumors. Just because many people bet on something does not mean it will be accurate.

Place reasonable bets in free kick bets

Do not put all your betting money on one bet. Because the probability of winning is never absolute. Unload the bet at the right time if you see the bet is likely to lose to recover the original stake.

Especially be cautious with bets with high odds. Because when the bookmaker sets a large reward, it means that door is very narrow, the chance of winning is less than losing.

Based on your strengths and experience to choose the form of free kick bets. You can choose yellow card bets or red card bets. This is also an important betting tip to pay attention to.

Accumulate, research clear information about how to play football betting. Before players want to learn betting tips from the experts.

Choose the most certain bet in the options offered by top 5 betting site in bangladesh. Do not pay too much attention to the amount of money of the winning bet. Choose an easy bet to increase the winning rate.

The above is the entire sharing of the experts of betting tips - wintips. Hope it will help you understand more about free kick bets. And hopefully this information will help you understand more confidently in this type of bet. As well as gaining more victories.


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