3 easy ways to reduce waste and save the world in the kitchen

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3 easy ways to reduce waste and save the world in the kitchen

As reported by Recycle Track Systems, did you know that the US is the world leader in food waste? There is also a problem with plastic waste. So how do we solve these problems? Of course, the household is not the only solution to these problems. Must cooperate as well But starting from home is an easy start. And also help change dietary habits Just doing a few things will help the environment. And can also help save money in the pocket as well

Use a silicone food container

Plastic storage boxes can be reused. But if you want to use that container for food storage, choose food grade silicone. Because it is different from hard plastic. Can be stored for a long time, unbreakable It is also lightweight. Save space

Try a reusable wrap.

Using film to wrap food or food containers is one of the environmental dangers. Try to switch to a wax coated cloth instead of wax. Because these things are made from nature Besides that, it can also be cleaned for reuse. And there are many beautiful prints to choose from

Switch to cleaning agents for the world.

Cleaning liquid, dishwashing liquid, liquid to remove stains They contain chemicals that destroy water bodies. And environment You can try switching from those solutions to 2 cups of water mixed with 2 cups of vinegar per 2 cups of vinegar and place in a spray bottle. Keep it for kitchen cleaning. And if you want to smell the aroma, add essential oils to it

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